g0xbu logo G0XBU WebSDR - Jodrell Bank

This is an multi-WebSDR receiver, located nr Jodrell Bank, Cheshire, UK (IO83UF)

VHF/UHF = X510 colinear (55ft) with Diamond mx72n duplexer
CB/10m = Sigma Venom 5/8 vertical (55ft)
HF = RA0SMS mini Whip (40ft) earthed and fed with 5v.
6m = rotatable Dipole (homebrew) at 18m AGL (pointing whever i left it)

It is operated by G0XBU, e-mail: enquiries@g0xbu.co.uk

More information about this station can be found at http://www.g0xbu.co.uk/websdr.html and more info about the WebSDR project can be found on www.websdr.org.

Note: you need both Java and JavaScript enabled for this page to work properly. No sound on Chrome? In the address field click on 'Not secure', then 'site settings', then 'sound' and select 'allow', then refresh page.

If the waterfall is blank or doing wierd things, it might be that i'm using the shared antenna for transmitting. Please check back later!

If you like this SDR service and would like to donate to its upkeep please visit PAYPAL.ME/G0XBU

This SDR can also be found on the Pocket rxtx app by Dan YO3GGX. Available in the play store

TIP: Use FM-nrw for weaker FM stations

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